I’m Cathers, a new mum to a gorgeous little boy, a lover of travel, tasty food and cocktails and this blog is where I chat about what’s on my mind: my favourite things, travel (when we’re not locked down), what I’ve been up to, my journey into motherhood and anything else that is on my mind.

I’m currently on mat. leave and have never had this long away from work or studying. I’m hoping to use this opportunity to get back into blogging, if my little man gives me the time, and brush up on my photography skills!

By day I’m an accountant and when I’m not dreaming about travelling or thinking about food I like to spend my time visiting new places (pandemics allowing!) with my husband Tim, take pictures of my food and do a bit of painting on the side. I can’t wait to show our boy Rory the world! As well as having a baby this year, we also moved house. Due to COVID it took longer than planned (6 months rather than 3 months!) and we welcomed our little guy into the world a week after we moved – it was a whirlwind few months!

The Nitty-Gritty:

L I K E S:

Travelling and holidays, afternoon tea, a cup of tea with no sugar, strawberries, summer, pimms, flowers (I love peonies), taking pics of my food, the feeling after a run (hate the run itself!), the sound of rain when you’re inside, pudding (preferably chocolate based), cocktails, fresh sheets and scented candles.

D I S L I K E S:

Marzipan, bad manners, horror films, spiders, the taste of coffee (unless it’s a caramel latte 🤷), bananas, short and dark winter days, peanuts and needles.

Contact me:

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Have a look around and I hope you stick around! 😊

Cathers xx

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