Travel // Universal Studios Hollywood

Wow! It’s taken me ages to write up this next part of the California road trip. I got slightly side tracked and was thinking the other day that I hadn’t finished writing up Universal or Las Vegas! Sorry! Right so time to get back on track.

One thing that we really wanted to do when in LA was go to Universal Studios. We thought it made sense to do it on our last full day in LA so we’d had a few days to chill. It was an early start to make sure we made the most of the day – so up we were at 6am and out of the door not long after. We got stuck in that notorious LA rush hour traffic but managed to get over to Universal for when it opened.
We had brought our tickets online which meant that we got early access into Harry Potter World. If you get the chance to do it, do it! It meant we could do The Wizarding World of Harry Potter before the park opened and do all the rides without queues 😊

So here are my top 5 things at Universal:

1) Harry Potter World
This was definitely one of my favourite bits of the whole day! I loooooove Harry Potter so seeing Hogwarts that wasn’t a tiny model and Hogsmeade was insane.
Here’s some of my fav pics form HP:

2) Studio Tour
The next best thing was the Studio Tour. As soon as we had done Harry Potter World we quickly made our way over the Studio Tour and got on the first tram of the day. It was jam-packed and as someone who loves films it was a great insight into sets.
We saw the Jaws set, King Kong, Wisteria Lane from Desperate House Wives, as well as Whoville from The Grinch – it was so surreal…

3) Jurassic World ride
The best ride was definitely Jurassic Park. After the water ride finishes make sure take the first left and have a pic in front of the sign 😊

4) Get a picture with a minion 

5) Have some tasty food! 
Make sure to get a doughnut from voodoo doughnuts… mmm! So good! We had a mango tango and a raspberry romeo. No pics unfortunately!

It was an amazing day! Make sure to bring snacks and drinks – drinks cost an arm and a leg so make sure to stock up.

So those are my top tips 😊 Hope you enjoyed and are looking forward to the final Vegas post!

Until then,

Cathers xx