Travel // The One and Only Las Vegas!

I have absolutely no excuse for how long it’s taken me to write down what happened in Vegas! How was it so long ago! July seems like a lifetime ago… I mean it was 6 months ago…

Vegas was the final stop on our Summer ’18 Road Trip and what a way to finish it off! I wasn’t really sure what to think about Vegas but was surprised and loved it! I’m not too sure what it was… maybe the chilling during the day by the pool in the sun and then having so much delish food options around every corner.
We’re definitely converts and will defo be going back!
We woke up super early to get on the road from LA so we could make it to the Hoover Dam for midday. Tim was determined to drive with the roof down but it just got way too hot as we drove across the Nevada desert. It was so weird to be in the desert and then stumble across a bunch of casinos and then it went back to desert! I’d definitely recommend making an epic playlist and bring a book to read.

I was surprised at how big Boulder City was and how its still being expanded! It was built as a community to house all the workers who were building the Hoover Dam which is just insane. We wanted to do the Dam Tour but this wasn’t running so instead we did the Powerplant Tour which was still good – we still got to go down into the Dam and learnt lots of interesting things. We walked across the Dam itself and the heat was unbearable! There were signs everywhere making sure everyone had water on them at all times to prevent dehydration. It was definitely needed!

It took just under an hour for us to drive to Vegas from the Hoover Dam. We stayed in The Venetian and it was perfect! We decided to splash out in Vegas and have a final few chill days in luxury. We’d saved money during the rest of the Road Trip by staying in Airbnbs and cooking some of our own meals so this was definitely a treat 😊

The room we had was insane! We couldn’t believe the size of the room! There was a king size bed and a separate sitting area… we had 2 TVs! The bathroom also had a huge bath and the shower was a double. I mean it was definitely luxury! The only downside of The Venetian is that you have to pay for any extras but we were expecting this and its the same at all other Vegas hotels.

We were absolutely knackered after we’d gotten settled so we had a walk around the hotel and had dinner at Canonita. It was so surreal to have dinner beside a ‘canal’ with a ceiling painted like the sky!  It is so quirky and you just have to love it.
We had dinner fairly early so happy hour was still on 😍. I had a couple margaritas and Tim got a jug of beer! Perfect! Its times like this I wish I liked beer…

Honestly it was so nice to have a chill evening and get an early night which meant we could really make the most of the next day. We went straight to the pool and spent a few hours chilling. The road trip had been so amazing but very busy so it was nice to just chill. It was the day of the Wimbledon Semi Final so Tim kept popping over to the Cabanas to catch up on the score. We eventually made our way over to one of the bars and watched it with a pineapple slushy drink… it was soooo tasty! I could have them all day every day.

That afternoon we had booked ourselves onto a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon. This was our birthday present from Tim’s parents and it was a once in a lifetime trip – it really was one of the best bits of the whole trip… Something I’ll never forget.

We thought that it might feel rushed but it didn’t at all. It was a quite overcast as there had been a rare storm but the views were still absolutely insane. [Recapping it all makes me want to be there now! It’s so cold in the UK right now brrrrr!]

I mean, just look at all those views…. how epic?! No other words to describe it…

The helicopter launch pad was nearly 2 hrs away from The Venetian so we eventually got back to our hotel at 9pm. We grabbed a quick Panda Express for dinner (Tim had never had one better so we had to try it 😅 – had to get some orange chicken!) We then got ready to explore the strip.

We did a little bit of gambling… well $30 in total! Definitely big rollers hehe! We ended up $20 up so collected our winnings and went out to spend it.

We wondered down the strip and went into MGM and wondered around the shops. We stopped by a Fat Tuesdays and had to get a drink to cool us down! I had a Strawberry Daiquiri and Tim had a Category 5 Hurricane. He was convinced when we’d last been in Miami it hadn’t been that alcoholic so got the most alcoholic cocktail. He was definitely feeling very happy when he’d finished it!

On our way back up the strip to our hotel we went into New York New York. No where in the world have I seen a hotel like this on the outside! The hotels in Vegas are definitely one of a kind! In New York New York we went into a shop and brought a couple presents for Tim’s friends. We had a LOT of fun picking out something for them… I completely forgot to take pics but one said ‘I like buns’ and the other ‘I rub my own meat’… both were very funny and inappropriate and probably brought as a result of us both being a bit tipsy!

We saw the Bellagio water show twice and it was great! The hotel is just amazing! When we next go to Vegas we’re definitely going to stay here.

By the time we got back to the hotel it was gone 12:30 so we went via the food court and ordered a pepperoni pizza and demolished it back in our room. So good!

The next day started like the others… by the pool soaking up the sun! We spent most of the day chilling by the pool and reading our books. We defo worked on our tans for most of the day. That evening we had a lovely meal at Fix in the Bellagio. When we booked we told them it was our anniversary and we got a glass of champers on the house when we got there! I had a delish cocktail and then had the Wagyu skirt steak and Tim had Scallops Benedict. Both were so good! We then had a little stroll around the hotel and saw the most lovely flower installation… GORGEOUS!

After a chilled meal we then went back to The Venetian and queued up at Carlo’s Bakery for a cake. We’d been before in New York a few years ago and had loved it after watching Cake Boss on TV. We queued for quite a while and by the time we got our cake we were shattered so went to bed. Because we hadn’t had the cake that evening we had it for breakfast the next day! I mean what screams out ‘Why not?! We’re on holiday!’ than having cake in bed on holiday while watching the Wimbledon final 😛
We grabbed a juice on the way out and it was the most expensive juice I’ve ever had… it was $11! (It was very tasty though…)

It was so sad to have to pack up and check out. This holiday was definitely one of the best we’ve ever been on together! I’ll never forget our California/ Vegas road trip and can’t wait for us to do it again.

Vegas was a pleasant surprise and I can see why one of my best friends loves it! I can’t wait to go back…

We had the most amazing time in Vegas and I’ve loved looking back through pics. It’s making me very excited about holidays in 2 months time… I’m literally counting down!

Have you been to Vegas? What is your fav bit about Vegas?

Until next time,

Cathers x