Autumn // My favourite things…

I am definitely a summer person but there’s something about being all cosy this time of year. So here’s to my first autumn post of the year!

Here’s some things I love about autumn and what I can’t live without this time of year:


Wrapping up in cosy blankets
Mulled cider
Chunky knits
Cosy jumpers
Hot chocolate

Autumn leaves
Slipper socks 
Salted caramel 
Cosy pjs
Porridge for brekkie
Hot apple pie with custard

Sticky toffee pudding
Escaping for some summer sun 🌞
Christmas is just around the corner (YAY!)

OMG can you believe Christmas is so close now?! It’s going to be no time at all until we’re sunning ourselves in Australia – AHHHHH SO EXCITING! (Can you tell I’m excited :p)

So here’s to Autumn and counting down to Christmas!

I need to try a pumpkin spice latte this year! I’ve seen it absolutely everywhere on insta… took me a little while to figure out what a PSL was!
I also want to get myself down to a pumpkin patch – I’ve wanted to get down to one for the past couple years but haven’t gotten round to it. Want to pick out a pumpkin or two but definitely also can’t say I don’t want to get that pic for insta!
Also need to get myself down to Lush and get one of the halloween bath bombs! Any excuse to have a bath hah!
I’m definitely NOT a fan of the shorter days – I think its more when you need to wake up and leave the house for work when its cold and dark and then getting back home when its dark 😕 It’s not so bad at the weekend when you can chill and hibernate inside. Am I the only one who loves it when its raining/ storming outside/ snowy and you’re snuggled up cosy inside with a hot chocolate and wrapped up in a dressing gown/ under a blanket and the fire’s roaring – perfect!
Give me a hot choc any day!
One day I’d love to go to New England to see the leaves changing… its meant to be breathtaking and from what I’ve seen in pics it wouldn’t disappoint. You literally just have to type in ‘Fall in New England’ and you will see what I mean…
So here’s to the final couple weeks of October and Autumn being well and truly under way…
Looking forward to my first dose of summer sun on Friday… Malta we’re coming for you!

Until next time,

Cathers xx