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Lockdown is definitely giving me more time to think – and for someone who thinks way too much anyway it’s been a bit overwhelming! By default I’m an overthinker, a worrier and worry way too much what people think. I’ve tried to be less of all these things but there’s no escaping it and especially at this time.

Tbh, if lockdown were to happen at any time I’m glad it was this year and not last year or the year before. Have a look at this post for a recap – ‘Talking Anxiety’. Mental health and depression is a tricky thing to go through but it also is for those close to that person and I think that the latter often gets forgotten – are you saying the right thing, when will your loved one get back on track and all the feels that come with that. Safe to say I’ve learnt a hell of a lot about myself and my family and I’m in such a better head space now. I’ve also got a new job (see this post for a recap – ‘End of an Era and Fresh Starts’) and I’m less stressed and not having to work allllll the hours.

I said a couple months ago in this post that I found lockdown really tricky to begin with and my emotions were all over the place but now I feel like we’ve gotten into a routine and for the moment this is the new normal. 

I’ve been thinking about some of the things I’ve learnt over the years and some mantras that get me through the days. I don’t really read self-help books but I find writing down my thoughts and talking it through with friends and Tim really helps – so I guess that is my version of self-help? I’m thinking of doing a few more personal posts – what do you think? If it’d help someone else or something a few people can relate to that’s all that matters. I do this blog as a way of relaxing (yup I’m weird!) and a way to get my thoughts down so if anything it’ll help me!

Be Kind to Yourself

I saw somewhere you can’t pour from an empty cup and that’s so true – and that’s especially true atm! Put time aside for yourself and have some ‘me time’. I’ve trying to be kinder to myself and also when I look in the mirror – I’ve always been so self-critical of myself but I always try to remember what I’d say to a friend if they said something cruel to themselves and remind myself of that saying – Peaches are amazing but they’ll always be someone who doesn’t like Peaches. Day by day I’m getting there 🙂

Work hard, be productive but take time out – go for walks in the fresh air after work. Omg it makes such a difference to me. Maybe it’s the change of scenery but I think actually moving my legs and body after a day at the computer is so good for me.

Pour that glass of wine as a treat! Have that slice of cake! Do your nails! Have that bubble bath! Be kind to yourself!

Positive Vibes Only

I’ve loved this phrase for years – at my old firm I had this stuck on my desk and remember pointing to it sometimes when I knew someone was bringing me an issue :p I need to dig it out and stick it up in the office now – makes me smile thinking about it!

I’ve had my fair share of drama to last a lifetime so please leave the negativity at the door.

Say No

This one took me a long time to learn. I remember when I started my last job I was told I had to take every single opportunity and make a name for myself. What they don’t really say is that that takes a toll on you eventually and you have no time for yourself. What I’ve learnt is to say ‘No’ if it doesn’t fit in with what I want or in a work scenario to not take everything on and do it to a subpar or ok standard but instead do less but do it well. If I’ve learnt anything from my days at my last firm it’s that by far. 

You do You

There will always be someone who isn’t happy with what you do – when I was leaving my last job I had way too much to do and it suddenly occurred to me that even if I broke my back and didn’t sleep for days to get everything done there would still be one person not happy! Do what you can and don’t break your back over it.

Also, as I get older (I can’t believe I’m 30 next month!) the more I realise you don’t need to fit in. I have my quirks and my friends, family and hubby love me for them. Wouldn’t the world be a boring place if we were all the same?!

Finally… surround yourself with people who love you and boost you up! You’ve got no time for negativity – YOLO! (You only live once!)

What mantras do you live by or what are your favourite sayings that get you through?

Until next time,
Cathers xx


  1. May 22, 2020 / 2:49 pm

    These are all my favorite mantras! Even more important during this odd time. Be kind to yourself has been huge for me especially when I get down on myself for not being as productive as I thought I’d be during shelter in place!

    • Cathers
      May 23, 2020 / 7:38 am

      I’ve totally been there too – got to be kind to ourselves especially during this weird time! Take care!

  2. June 7, 2020 / 8:20 pm

    Love all the mantras you shared! Definitely something to always keep in mind especially during this time.