Life Lately – An Update…

I’ve been a bit MIA for the past month and that’s mainly because I’m running on adrenaline! Rory’s sleep has been awful for the past month. Poor little guy has had 2 tummy bugs, had teeth come through and also gone through a leap. All this has affected his sleep (no wonder!) which in turn has meant we haven’t gotten much sleep either. I’ve been so so tired and tbh can’t believe I’m functioning some days!

Until a month ago I really thought we had cracked sleep… We had a whole week of just 1 wake up and it was bliss! Then he started teething and it’s been non-stop since. It’s affected his day naps too which had finally getting better and I honestly feel we’re back to square 1. I keep trying to remind myself it’s just a phase and won’t last forever, but when you’re stuck in the thick of it it’s oh so hard to see your way out. Just being honest here!

It’s so easy to compare yourself to others, friends and Instagram, and think you must be doing something wrong or everything seems sunshine and roses for them, but I try to remind myself that people usually will only show part of the story. For instance, a friend’s baby is now sleeping so well but a month ago it was a different story and they even resorted to driving around in the car to try and get their little one to sleep! All babies develop at different rates and go through leaps and teething in their own ways. These things really affect Rory’s sleep, whereas other babies might be super grizzly during the day and not at night. Again, I keep saying to myself, it’s just a phase! They’re only this young once and the only way they can communicate with us to say something isn’t right is by moaning/ crying.

Anyway! That’s where I’m up to these days! I’ll try and get back to some sort of blogging schedule soon but if not you know I’m just trying to catch up on some zzz’s!

Until next time,
Cathers xx