Jan Recap // Holiday Blues, Chill Days and Getting Back into Fitness

Morning! I don’t know about you but I am over these damp and short days! I wouldn’t mind too much if it was a tad colder and there was frost/ ice because it feels so different to these rainy, damp and gross days. The cold just goes through you and stays there… not nice! I’m dreaming about warmer days in Australia!
I finally got around to writing a post on Sydney (see here) which brought back all those memories… here are some of my favs pics…
I would happily be sitting on one of those beaches right now soaking in the sun! Don’t you hate the holidays blues… Don’t get me wrong I was happy to get home but this weather is just something else… I literally have had a cough/ cold since I got back and can’t shift it which is so annoying.
Anyways! Enough with the doom and gloom!
The past 2 weeks I’ve finally got back into a routine and although I’m still knackered when I get up its not feeling as bad as it was a month ago. This week I’ve been putting exercise right back into the picture. Monday I even managed to do a HIIT first thing for 20 mins when I woke up and then went to the gym after work for a swim – very impressed with myself! I always forget how much I love swimming and its such a good all over workout – definitely going to try and get swimming once a week if I can.
I’ve also started planning our next holiday which has got me excited for warmer and longer days 🌞 We’re going to go to the French Riviera and do a 10 day road trip which I’m so excited about!
We’re thinking of starting in Marseille and ending up in Monaco – I can’t wait! Have you been before? Any suggestions on must visits? At the moment we’ve got Cassis, Saint Tropez, Gremund, Frejus, Cannes, Nice, Antibes and Monaco on the list ❤️

Jan always feels like a super long month and payday always feel like its so far away – who’s with me?! That said I don’t know where the past 4 weeks have gone and I don’t really have much to show for it. I’ve gotten a little lax with taking pics recently but I’ll try to get back on track so I have bits to share on my monthly recap. I was a little worried I wouldn’t really have enough pics for this recap but don’t you worry there’s a few to share!

I’ve literally spent the past month hibernating and spending my time going from home to work and back again. In between this I’ve definitely done more than my fair share of sale shopping… I got some gorgeous things from Hobbs, John Lewis, Joules and Jack Wills. I got some super cosy jumpers and some new dresses and bits for work. I also got the most gorgeous dress for a winter wedding I have next week in Ireland – I wanted to go for long sleeves as we all know what Ireland is like at the best of times but in Feb it will 100% be cold and raining! I’ll make sure to share pics on Insta and here too. I’m really looking forward to 5 days off work to catch up with family and friends and the wedding of the year!

Any free time has been spent between the gym and chilling really. We got the most gorgeous smelling candle in Australia while we were in Apollo Bay (on the Great Ocean Road). Its Burnt Fig and Pear by Peppermint Grove Australia – see here. It was only £35 which for a large soy candle which I think it such good value – I wish we’d brought a couple more!

Sometimes theres nothing better than a cup of tea in bed at the weekend to chill
Tea and white chocolate TimTams from Oz!

I’ve tried to keep myself motivated with fitness as I find I need a goal to work towards otherwise I just get off track. Sooooo I’m going to do the Birmingham Half Marathon in October with some friends! I did it 3 years ago but was recovering from tonsillitis. I did somehow manage to get around the course with a few tears but still managed a time. So this year I want to smash my last PB (3 hrs 15 mins 🙈) and try to actually enjoy it rather than detest every minute!
To try and keep myself on track I’m going to sign up to some runs in between – I’m going to do the Wimbledon 10k in May with a school friend which should be good and hopefully warmer weather. My friend is really into her running – she does half marathons and triathlons which is super impressive! I’d love to one day be able to do them more regularly but lets get this October run out of the way first!
This next month I’m going to try and push myself to get up to running 5k as I’ve been staying at just over 3k in 30 mins (10 mins walking and 20 mins running). I do need to stop being so hard on myself but also know if I push myself I can do it – gotta be our own cheerleaders!

We cracked out the BBC good food pancake recipe again (see here) and Tim made some delish nutella and raspberry topped pancakes. I always feel like pancakes are a lovely treat at the weekends ❤️

Earlier this month I caught up with a friend from my old work. We decided to do something different so went for a mezze platter at Comptoir Libanais then went to a local pub and did a painting class with Art Night. I’ve never really painted with acrylic paint but it was good fun! You get given a stencil for the outline of the main bit of the painting and then get guided through step by step for 2 hours. We grabbed a g&t and got stuck in!
Here’s me and my Dancer!

It was also my Mum’s birthday earlier this month and we got her the cutest Llama cake – she loves llamas so when we saw it we had to get it! We spent the weekend down with my parents and had some tasty meals out – I didn’t take any pics so you’ll have to take my word 😋

Anyone who knows me knows I have such a sweet tooth! So this month I suggested we start a cake club in our team at work. I went first and did a lemon cake… I think it turned out quite well tbh – I’m getting a little better at presentation – it did take 2 attempts at the icing/ buttercream but I got there. It went down a treat which was a relief!

This week Tim and I went to go and see The Jonas Brothers which was such a great gig! I couldn’t believe the amount of songs I remembered from my teenage days which was hilarious. I used to have a crush on Joe Jonas and had a Rolling Stones front cover poster of them up on my wall in my first year of Uni (right next to my poster of Zac Efron 🙈) – here it is!
Anyways… they were so good live and Tim even had a good time.

Then last night we went to Purnell’s Restaurant with some friends which was super tasty! We got a voucher which was a 4 course meal for £50 which was such good value for a Michelin Star meal. We all love Purnell’s so had a great evening – I’ll make sure to do a post on it soon – I actually remembered to take pics of all the courses!

So that was my January! I’m really looking forward to February and some days off to relax and celebrate our friend’s wedding.

This weekend is needed… I can’t wait to have a couple lie ins and get a nice relaxing swim in!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Until next time,
Cathers xx