Pregnancy// My Second Trimester Diary

Wow the second trimester is a long one! Week 13 to 27 – a massive 14 weeks! I’m now on countdown to Baby B arriving now which is very exciting but a little scary too… 

You can find my first trimester diary here. So carrying on…

Week 13: Baby is as big as a lemon

This week I had my first scan which was very exciting. I was extremely nervous as I wanted baby to be ok. I was seen straight away which was great. Unfortunately due to COVID, Tim couldn’t come so I was by myself while Tim waited in the car. I’d been told to drink 2 large glasses of water beforehand but had to pop to the loo twice so the sonographer could get a better view of baby – it’s tricky having to half empty your bladder! Poor baby was being squished by my bladder!

Seeing baby on the screen was just amazing! And hearing that heart beat also had me crying a few tears out of relief that our little baby was ok. I just couldn’t believe how much it was wriggling around and doing somersaults. The biggest wave of relief hit and a huge weight came off my shoulders.

Our due date was brought forward by a few days which was also exciting. 

The other key thing this week I noted was that I was feeling like a different person to a few weeks ago – I even had chicken pie and was slowly getting back to eating some veg and more colourful food – what a relief!

I was still experiencing some random waves of nausea but it wasn’t as often as before.

After the scan we felt like we could start getting excited as we had the all clear baby was ok. We also decided to tell our family and friends our exciting news!

We arranged a zoom quiz with family to tell them. The last round was a baby round and we popped baby’s scan as one of the questions and had people guess who it was. In a time like this when we can’t see people, this was the best way we could think of telling our family all together. Everyone was very excited and in turn topped up our excitement levels! 

Week 14: Baby is as big as a navel orange

I was feeling so much more like myself which was amazing after weeks and weeks of feeling like crap. I had some more energy and motivation and started getting back to the gym to do something. As it had been a while I was struggling with the 3kg weights and had to give up and go without any! I’ve found Bumps and Burpees brilliant – they have lots of IGTV sessions recorded – and also Charlie Launder (Bumps and Burpees founder) has posted some great workout ideas. She had a little baby boy 5 months ago so has lots of pre and post-natal workouts.

With the increased energy I wanted more fresh air so was trying to get some walks in. With the colder and shorter days I did find it a bit harder to get the motivation to go outside but I found this more tricky as we went into lockdown 2.

At this point I couldn’t remember the last time I slept through the night and I’m up 1-2 times a night for a pee! I find it hard to know the difference between baby pressing my bladder and actually needing the loo which can be so annoying in the middle of the night.

I also started craving sweets at this point and ended up buying all these sweets! Mmm!

Week 15: Baby is as big as a pear

I was still having some random waves of nausea at this point. I walked past the hamster cage one morning and was hit by the smell. I tried to take a moment sitting down to help it pass but that didn’t work and I had to run to the loo to throw up. It was the first time in 5 weeks I’d been sick but I quickly recovered. Minus that the rest of the week was really good.

We went for a walk with a friend near Baddesley Clinton and had a picnic and felt so good!

We took our first pregnancy picture together and shared it with the rest of our friends.

I had a little baby bump by this point which was making it feel very real!

Week 16: Baby is as big as an avocado

I was loving allllll the carbs at this point! We had both bangers and mash and cottage pie this week – basically I just wanted anything with potato…

I finally had my hair cut which was lovely. The last time I’d had my hair cut was pre-lockdown in Feb before our trip to Ireland for a friend’s wedding which now feels like a life time ago. I had a quick realisation when I was having my hair washed that I couldn’t have the massage chair on! Crazy!

On the weekend we decided to pop into Solihull and had a delish brunch at Boston Tea Party and I had blueberry pancakes – yum! We then popped to John Lewis to have a look around the Nursery area. We were blown away by all the strollers, push chairs and travel systems and then all the other bits and bobs – we left having booked in a John Lewis Baby Session in as we were feeling so overwhelmed. This was later changed to a virtual appointment with lockdown 2 but was still really helpful.

Week 17: Baby is as big as an onion

I was really excited to get a call from the hospital to say that Tim could come to the anomaly scan. So we turned up and were turned away because I had been booked in 3 days too early to have the scan! I was 17 weeks and 4 days and not 18 weeks… What made it worse was that it was pouring rain so we got absolutely soaked on the way from the car and I was made feel like it was my fault that I was booked in too early. I mean… how can 3 days make such a difference and also it was booked by them not me… I was mostly upset because this was the first chance Tim had of seeing baby and with COVID cases increasing we were concerned that Tim wouldn’t get the chance to come to the next scan.

I understand why restrictions are in place, but it’s frustrating that it can all be hospital dependent. I know someone in London having a baby a few weeks behind me and their partner has been able to go to all their appointments which I’m happy for them but it’s just annoying how different rules can be.

This week I also had my whooping cough jab and had a sore arm for at least a week!

I received the cutest letterbox pressie from a friend – love a pamper!

Week 18: Baby is as big as a cucumber

Lockdown 2.0 started…. I finally decided to buy myself more maternity clothes including jeans. I’ve been living in pj bottoms and leggings up until now so they were a nice change!

Sleeping hasn’t been the best as I keep being woken up by a pain in my left leg. I find that if it happens that flexing my foot a few times helps it pass. Some days having a pillow between my legs helps but others it just gets in the way.

I’ve started feeling baby a little bit (like little flutters or bubbles) which is exciting! Although I did have a little scare as I didn’t feel baby for a few days. But it was all good. From speaking with my midwife it’s too early to have regular movement so nothing to worry about.

We had our John Lewis virtual baby appointment which was better than we thought it would be. We were a bit apprehensive with it being virtual but it ended up being very helpful. We chatted through a few different types of travel systems, watched demos and went through early days essentials. The session ended up being an hr and a half so we came out of it with more direction and feeling a bit better about what we needed to get. There was also absolutely no pressure to buy anything and didn’t feel salesy at all.

Week 19 – 20: Baby is as big as a mango/ sweet potato:

Minus feeling a bit dodgy and sick one day, it was a good couple weeks. Bump has started getting very big now! I went to give Tim a hug and bump pushed me away – it was very funny!

My scan had been rearranged for week 20 and as we expected we didn’t get a call to say Tim could come so I went in by myself while he waited in the car. Omg the wait was so long and there were so many others there. I just couldn’t understand how this was COVID safe as there were over 9 women waiting to have scans in 1 waiting room. I had to wait over an hr to be seen and was quite nervous as this anomaly scan would check a lot of things to see if baby was developing ok and had any conditions. 

As Tim couldn’t come in we had the sonographer put the picture in an envelope which we opened when we got home. We wanted to be able to find out together and it was very exciting to find out together! We decided to find out so that we didn’t have to buy just neutral bits and pieces and it was also something exciting to look forward to.

Week 21-22: Baby is as big as a large banana/ red bell pepper:

No real update other than baby had gotten much more active and had decided to start waking me up during the night – a little annoying when I’m trying to sleep but I’m glad baby is ok!

Week 23: Baby is as big as a grapefruit:

I started getting what I’m assuming is growing pains on my bump and has been getting quite uncomfortable at points. Particularly at the bottom of bump and along my sides – I think it’s when baby decides it wants to lie horizontal. 

An exciting thing to happen this week is that Tim can feel baby kick now which is so exciting! This obviously means that baby is getting stronger and it’s kicks take me off guard at points. It can be quite funny especially if I’m on a work Teams call.

Week 24: Baby is as big as a pomegranate

Bump is getting very big now! I went to the hairdressers on the weekend and was asked if I was having twins because bump was so big… Nope! 

One thing with lockdown is that we haven’t really seen anyone and with wfh no one has tried to touch bump and I haven’t experienced any comments on the size of my bump. That was my first and last to date!

Week 25: Baby is as big as an aubergine

I’ve been getting a bit anxious about baby being early. My mum had all of us early – I was 4 weeks early, my sister 5 weeks, my brother 2 weeks and then my youngest brother 11 weeks. She also had precipitate labour with all of us which is adding to the anxiety. 

To help with the anxiety we’ve decided to start getting bits together for mine and baby’s bags.

Week 26: Baby is as big as an acorn squash

Lockdown 3.0 started! Tbh atm it isn’t much different to before as we haven’t seen anyone, we’re wfh and only go out for walks. 

Baby has decided that 11pm and 4am are the perfect times to have a little boogey and wake me up!

I’ve started reading a hypnobirthing book (Hypnobirthing: Practical ways to make your birth better) which I’ve been finding really interesting (this one).

Key learning so far is that I need to stop stressing and relaxing instead!

Week 27: Baby is as big as a cabbage

Baby is kicking lots and lots these days and my bump can get very uncomfortable especially when he decides to lie horizontally. This week it really hit me that it isn’t long until baby is here now and I’m feeling very unprepared for birth. I think it’s just one of those things I’m not going to feel ready for and I need to think about birth as a way to finally meeting our little baby!

Some days I need a helping hand/ push to get off the sofa! And bending down to do my shoes up makes me realise how big bump really is. Baby bump really has had a growth spirt!

So that’s my second trimester!

And now it’s into the third trimester! Time has gone by quickly… It’s scary to think that it’ll only be the 2 of us for a certain number of weeks now and then baby bump will be here!

I’ve started counting down to my mat leave too. I had thought I’d just have a week off before my due date but have decided to have 2 weeks off so that I can chill and get final bits ready. We’re hopefully moving houses soon (just waiting for final bits to be sorted) so I’ll definitely have enough to keep me preoccupied. Also… baby could be early! But baby will come out when its ready… when that is who knows!!!

I feel like I want time to slow down but also go quicker. This next stage is definitely going to be making sure we’ll all ready for baby. I’ll share in my next post what we’ve gotten so far and my overall thoughts so far. Our NCT classes started this week. It’s just a pity they’re on zoom due to the pandemic but we’re looking forward to learning more and getting to speak to people due at a similar time to us.

Anyone got any tips for the third trimester and the indigestion and uncomfiness?! Please let me know!

Until next time,
Cathers xx


  1. January 30, 2021 / 6:14 pm

    That gift box is incredibly cute! My three children are grown now, but I do remember all that being pregnant involved. It’s really consuming! May you and your baby be blessed.

    • Cathers
      January 30, 2021 / 8:12 pm

      Thanks! The gift box was such a lovely little surprise 🙂