September recap // Starting to feel like Autumn…

What a month it’s been…

The weathers gone from 24c on September 1st to 10c on September 30th. Surprisingly, its been quite nice this weekend and we spent yesterday afternoon out in the sun at the in-laws – the chiminea was keeping us toasty! Boots are starting to replace toms as it starts getting colder and last weekend I actually got the ugg boots out to keep me warm at the rugby! Currently I’m on the sofa wrapped up in a cosy blanket – living the rock and roll life! 

This month has been a hectic one and there have been quite a few late nights working. In the audit world we have a lot of companies with December year-ends which means filing deadlines at the end of September. Thank goodness it’s now over 😊 

The past 6 months I’ve felt like I’ve been in such a slump I can’t shift and I finally feel like I’m getting back on top. Since the s*** show that was Jan-June, I had to make a change with my work/ life balance and actually making time to go to the gym and running off the stress has really helped me. I’m starting to get my mo-jo back and feeling more confident again. FINALLY!!! 

Things will never be completely perfect and I’m finally made my peace with that. (Cheesy but true!)

With summer ending and autumn beginning, I’ve had a proper think about what I want from my career. The past few months I’ve been determined I’m going to throw the towel in on audit and anything crappy that happens at work has made me so negative. As much as it can be a pain in the butt I’m annoyingly interested in work and enjoy coaching those around me. You get to work with different people and it’s anything but boring. There’s always going to be crappy parts in any job and you’ve just got to make it work for you. So as of Monday I’ve decided I’m going to do my best to be positive and glass half full rather than empty. It’s only work at the end of the day and work pays for tasty meals out and nice holidays 😋 

So what else have I done this month? 

I had a quick flick through my insta stories and it’s gone by in a flash! Outside of work it’s been a mixture of running 2-3 times a week and trying out new classes at the gym. It’s been hard going but I’m finally starting to enjoy running again and I’m on week 6 in couch to 5K. It’s slow progress but I’ll get there! 

We went to Goodwood Revival (see blogpost on the day here) and had a fun day out of eating tasty food, seeing lots of classic cars and watching Grease in an outdoor cinema. 

The past few weeks we’ve also had some lovely lilies in the house – one of my favourite flowers! The hubby got both bunches as nice surprises as it’s been a hectic few weeks at work. I’m a sucker for a bunch of flowers!

We had a tasty brunch with a good friend at Halls Garden Centre and chatted all about her upcoming California road trip – made the hubby and myself reminisce about our trip 3 months ago and I’ve uploaded our road trip stops at Santa Barbara and LA on the blog here

Last weekend we went to see Leicester Tigers. This year we said we’d try and see them more seeing as Leicester is only an hour away from us now. It was a lovely day out and we had a mooch around John Lewis. I am in love with their gin collection! John Lewis are 100% getting ready for Christmas and have all the novelty drinks out at the moment. I need the unicorn tears gin or mermaid tears vodka in my life!

We also managed to get the bikes out one weekend and go for a nice cycle along the canal to Wedges, a bakery not too far away – takes about 10 mins to drive to or about 25 minutes to cycle. Neither the hubby or myself have been cycling since before uni which is now over 10 years ago – definitely starting to feel old 😓. We got my bike back from my parents in London at the beginning of September as they are moving out of the family home to a little village outside London called Bray. A very different change from a city to a village, and a Victorian house to a ye-oldy Tudor cottage. Although it’s called a cottage it’s still a 4 bedroom house and has so much character! We’re going to visit next week and I can’t wait to see what it’s like in person.

It’s 100% starting to feel like Autumn and I’m going to have to pack away all my summer clothes and get the thick jumpers and boots out. If only we had a fire at home… there’s nothing better than being wrapped up in a blanket on the sofa with a hot chocolate in hand in front of a roaring fire…

Here’s to October and Autumn being in full swing! Who else is looking forward to Autumn? 🍁

Until next time…

Cathers xxx