Food // A 12 Course Thai Feast at The Crazy Bear Beaconsfield

So sleepy this morning… its another rainy day so I’m working from home, all snuggled up in my dressing gown with a cup of tea and a candle lit (jasmine & pineapple flower from sainsburys – lovely smell but burns quickly!)
I’m definitely trying to make the most of working from home when I can as I’m not too sure that I’ll be able to at my new job.
This week feels like its gone very slowly for some reason. Works been busy but I’m definitely counting down to leaving now. It’s all started to feel a little more real now with 6 weeks to go – guess that’s because my notice period is so long! I’ve started handing over some of my jobs now which is making it feel very real and when I was planning out the next 6 weeks I realised there’s not much time left really! I have some friends and family in the US and the notice periods over there are very different – like 2-4 weeks – so they couldn’t believe I had to wait so long. 
This weekend should be a nice chilled one which I’m looking forward to. We’ve been a bit of a health kick during the week for the past couple weeks so I’m looking forward to the weekends when we let ourselves enjoy our favourites.
Last weekend we finally got ourselves over to The Crazy Bear in Beaconsfield for a 12 course thai meal. We’d booked it on Groupon ages ago for such a great deal – we got it for about £60 for us both with a glass of champagne. It’s usually that price for 1 person so was a bargain!
We had been to see my parents before so only took half an hr to get there. I’ve never been to Beaconsfield before and its a cute little town. We got there a little early so had a walk around before popping back.
I’d seen pictures of The Crazy Bear and knew it was eccentric and wasn’t disappointed with the decor! I mean just look at the bar area! 
I would love to stay here one day but that’ll be a treat for another day.
The thai restaurant is in a different building which we eventually found. The decor in here is more toned down than the main hotel. Still got a nice vibe though. We’d booked in for 12pm so it was nice and quiet.
So here’s what we’ve all been waiting for… the food! 
To begin we got the following all together: Edamame beans, sea bass sashimi, prawn crackers, seaweed and wagyu beef tartar in mini taco shells. (Sorry I forgot to take pics of these first few courses!) I was pleasantly surprised by the sea bass sashimi which was really delicate. The wagyu beef taco on the other hand is definitely a required taste… still not too sure if I liked it!
The main courses definitely stole the show – they were delish! So yummy! We had duck, 2 types of pork (the crispy belly pork was insane!), chargrilled aubergine and prawn pad thai with jasmine rice. My mouths watering thinking about it all…
Finally, to finish we had lychee cheesecake which was a nice pallet cleanser. Very refreshing and a tasty dish to finish off a very yummy meal.
The service was so so but they just left you to it which we were fairly happy with. There were no hidden costs which just as expected so we left a happy pair.
I do love a nice meal out so we’ll definitely have to get another one booked in. We are trying to save up money for Australia in Dec so we’re trying to cut back on eating out too much so we’ll see!
Have a good weekend!
Until next time,
Cathers xx