July Recap // Eating Out, Visiting Ironbridge & Summer Days

Just as soon as I thought summer was here to stay, it went all cold and rainy again and then the past few days have been quite nice! Typical British weather hey!

I was trying to think of what words sum up July well and its a mixed one… what comes to mind is Wimbledon Tennis (one day I’ll finally go!), exams (Tim was revising for his final ACA exams) and exercise (I’ve spent this month trying to get back into the flow of it). With Tim knuckling down and revising I tried to keep myself busy but haven’t really done too much.

What I have done is a lot of eating out so its a good job I’ve been keeping up at the gym. So here’s a round up!

First up, coffee with the girls in London. It’s always lovely catching up with the girls and can’t believe how long it had been since we were all together. We had some tasty gingerbread men and coffee at the Black Lab Coffee House. It was fairly toasty so I had a yummy latte.

It’s been 2 years since our wedding so this month I’ve written a few blogposts around our wedding and the lead up to it. (See here for a recap of the big day, here for our pre wedding shoot and here for a recap of my hen do). So to mark the occasion we popped out to The Maltshovel for a tasty meal. Tim surprised me with the meal out which was lovely. To start I had scallops while Tim had Moroccan lamb. To follow I had cod with butternut squash curry while Tim had a beef roast. It was all delish!

During the week we also popped out to the Indian Streatery after work for an earlier dinner. It was all a yummy eat but think we prefer Mowgli in Grand Central in Brum.

As a break from work, I popped out for some Las Iguanas with a friend for some 2 for 1 cocktails and tapas. Delish! The cocktails are always great and if you have a Cineworld card you get 20% off.

Since realised I have about 16 days of holiday to take before I leave work in September, I’ve been taking off a few days here and there. One of these days I met up with a friend on maternity leave for a gossip and a catch up. Her little one is now 7 months old and such a happy little thing. We caught up over afternoon tea – I mean who doesn’t love afternoon tea?!

We have eaten so much ice-cream the past month – its been so toasty and Tim needed some fuel. So 9pm Love Island time means the ice-creams are cracked out! We’ve had mars bars ice-cream, soleros, strawberry cones, watermelon sorbet and mini-milks. It’s too hard to say no to an ice-cream when someone else is having one. This past week, now Tim’s exams are out of the way, we’ve hit it hard exercising 4 times a week and back to eating well. During the work week its back to no booze, no snacking and no fizzy drinks. It’s been so tricky but we had this past weekend to look forward to – a family BBQ and a 12 course thai feast at The Crazy Bear in Beaconsfield. It’s definitely all about balance.

This month we also had some gorgeous flowers flowering in the garden – the lilies we planted from a snippet from Tim’s parent’s garden and the hydrangeas popped up – definitely one of my favourite flowers in the garden – I mean look at those pinks!

So what else happened this last month, I made a delish lemon cake (post to follow!), it rained a lot and there was a lot of sun! We even had the hottest days of the year so far which involved a lot of sunbathing and chilling. I did some painting, got some gorgeous candles from a good friend and went to the lavender fields in the Cotswolds – again post to follow but some pics below for you to scroll through!

The most delish lemon cake – defo one of my favs!
My friends know me so well getting me these lovely candles for my birthday
Painting for some friends based on one of their pics – gotta love an LA sunset!
Copied from Rifle Paper Co – love their flower prints <3
Finally, we popped to Ironbridge one evening which is about an hour drive away which was a lovely night out. I’m sure you’ve gathered by now I love my history so Ironbridge is right up my street! If history isn’t your thing then it makes for some pretty pics and has some cute little shops and quaint pubs.
Gorgeous sunset from on the bridge at Ironbridge 
So that’s my month! This next month, I’m hoping to keep up the exercise and start winding down with some more days off work. It can be so easy to get carried away with work but gotta try and keep that balance. On Friday I was in the office until 7:30pm as Tim was out at a work do but then forced myself out to the gym for a work-out and impromptu yoga session. I’ve been using FIIT for the past 6 weeks and I’ve been able to stick to it so far – been difficult at points but glad I’ve stuck to it. I’m now on my 2nd training plan and love the variety of strength, cardio and yoga classes you’re assigned. So here’s to trying to keep it up in August!

Finally, a little food for thought this Sunday evening before the next week starts… When it comes to birthdays/ celebrations do you remember to let your family and friends know you’re thinking about them? I like to think sending a card really shows you care or even to pick up the phone and take 5 mins out of your day to wish that person happy birthday really makes a difference. I don’t think you need to spend lots of money on people – it’s the thought that counts. I know people have busy lives, but when it comes to family and your close friends, I think it’s so important to take a few minutes out of your day to call them up or if not to send them a card. Sure time runs away from us and a text message is a handy tool but the next time you see that person it really makes a mark to give them a card. Don’t let that person feel second best – I’m sure we’ve all been at the other end of something similar when someone forgets and I’m sure you’ll agree it hurts. 
Life is far from perfect and in this ever changing, fast paced world take just 5 minutes from your day to call that friend, your sister, your parent, your child to show them some love. Those little gestures, no matter how small, can really have an impact. Send a card saying you’re thinking about that person! It’s out of the ordinary and I’m sure to put a smile on their face/ make their day. Just think how happy it would make you feel.

Until next time,

Cathers xx