Musings // The Best of 2019 – Happy New Year!!!

Can you all believe it’s 31 December! Another year is nearly over… the decade in fact! Last year I did a review of some highlights from 2018 and it was lovely looking back through it earlier today.

As New Years approaches it makes people reflect on the previous year and you can often feel negative thinking about what you didn’t achieve. I’m not going to do that this year and instead reflect on all the triumphs and highs, big and small, and think you should too!
Let’s be proud of what we’ve done! There’s also next year or the year after to do the things you didn’t tick off this year.
Life is long enough to do everything and anything you dream of!
So here’s my round up of the year…


We started off the year eating some tasty food – we went to the Hinds Head with my parents and also went for a tasty afternoon tea at Park Regis Brum.
Afternoon tea YUM!
The most dreamy scotch egg and pea and ham soup
Cocktails with mum


We kicked off the month in London having bottomless brunch with friends and went to Flight Club in Victoria which was good fun.
For Valentines day I cooked up some yummy pancakes to have with nutella and strawberries – yum! 
With my old job I used to go to America for work and I got to visit both Houston and Buffalo which was amazing. Houston we went to a beach as it was 20c and then when we got to Buffalo is was -12c! 
Need to have a few more boozy brunches this year!
Valentines pancakes ♥️
Sunny Houston for work
Freezing cold Houston


At the end of March we went to Florida for a week which was a well needed break. We spent some time with my nanny,  went to the beach and the parks.


I discovered a bakery in Birmingham called Medicine which does cronuts!


I went to Copenhagen with a couple friends which was such a gorgeous city. I also set myself the goal of getting a new job by the end of June…


I did what I said I would and got a new job by the end of the month and handed in my notice!
We also went to Le Manoir with the in-laws which was the tastiest restaurant I’ve ever been to. Off the back of the meal I decided to make some raspberry soufflés.
My attempt at the most delicious raspberry soufflés 


It was my first blogiversary! I think its an achievement to keep something going for a year so I’m going to celebrate this one. There have been points where I wasn’t sure whether to keep it going but I’m glad I kept it up even if just as place for me to document memories to look back on.


Tim surprised me one evening with a visit to Ironbridge – he knows I love my history and I’ve wanted to go for a while so it was a nice little trip.


We popped over to Ireland for a long weekend and did a mini road trip. It was lovely catching up with family and also seeing the gorgeous Ring of Kerry.
30 September marked me starting my new job in Industry! It was scary but very exciting!


We went to Malta at the end of October for a long weekend for a friend’s 30th. We stayed in a lovely villa which had a pool and enjoyed some sun which was a nice change from the cold weather at home.


We had my grandparents visit us so we relaxed and went to Baddesley Clinton for a wander around the house.
We also went to Purnell’s Bistro to celebrate our friends engagement which was just lovely. We couldn’t have wished for anyone better for Laura than her fiancé Rich. Laura’s been one of our close friends from the beginning of Uni so we had to celebrate with her.
Yummy plum rice pudding at Purnell’s Bistro


December was spent mainly travelling around Australia and what a holiday it was! It was truly amazing and we’ll remember it for a long time. Sydney, the Great Barrier Reef and Melbourne were great places and I’ll make sure to get posts up soon so you can have a scroll through all the amazingness.
Since we’ve gotten back we’ve just been chilling and getting our relaxing in. Eating all the food and catching up on all the Christmas tv.
So there it is! The best bits of 2019… So here’s to 2020… eating more tasty food, visiting more places, making time for friends and family and also me. No more stressing unnecessarily and just enjoying life as it comes.

Happy New Year and have a good one everyone!

Until next time,

Cathers xx