Refresh and Restart!

It may be the middle of Feb but I feel like I’m in need of a refresh… I’ve been poorly for what feels like weeks – like since I got back from Australia 7 weeks ago!

So in the mind frame of refresh and restart I’ve updated my blog! I hope you like it 🙂 I’m still getting my head around how a few things work on here but I’m getting there. I’ve moved onto WordPress and I’m loving it so far – when I started my blog I was on Blogger which is a free google platform and was perfect for my first year and a half of blogging but it got to the point where I wanted a bit more free rain on format and how things were set out. So I did a bit of research and set about migrating my blog across to WordPress. The initial idea of doing that myself was a little scary especially when I saw that you could pay for someone to do it for you but I managed it! Woo!

Staying on the thoughts of refresh… I had so many plans for the New Year and I feel like I’ve been mindful of them but being poorly doesn’t help. So I’m determined to get back on track and also get better. I’ve been taking honey and lemon to work along with flu tablets and keeping on the strepsils.

So here’s what my goals were:

  • Gym
  • Try new things and visit new places
  • Getting my cook on


The gym hasn’t been going great recently as I’ve been trying to take it easy and get back to 100%. I’m going to stop making excuses and get back into my running so I can get that 10k done in May and do that half marathon in October!

Try new things and visit new places:

Last weekend we went to Cheddar Gorge and down to Somerset so I’ll take that as visiting a new place! I’ll definitely make sure to get a post written up on our visit down South as it was absolutely amazing and I’d 100% recommend for anyone to go down to Somerset and stay where we did if you’d like a special treat!

Getting my cook on:

So… I need to get better at this. Tbh I’d completely forgotten about this goal until I was writing this! I did bake a delish lemon cake in Jan for our new work cake club but haven’t been particularly adventerous with recipes. So I’ve decided I’m going to cook up a tasty meal for Tim when he’s back from his away job on Friday. Undecided what but I’m going to get researching!

I have been trying to keep the below quote in mind and I’m going to keep it going! This is well and truly the year to be us…

New year absolutely no need for a new you because you’re super – in fact maybe just be even more you!

I’ve also finally signed up to Bloglovin – I had heard of it before but never really looked into it but it seems like a great place to discover different blogs in one place.

Let me know what you think of the new refresh in the comments!
How are you goals/ resolutions going?

Until next time,
Cathers xx