Friday Feelings: Making Time for Yourself as a New Mum

I recently read a blog post by Liz (Hello Adams Family) called ‘Showing Up For Yourself’ which really resonated with me as a new mum. It might get to the end of the day and I haven’t taken any time for myself. During Rory’s nap time I’ll prioritise cleaning the house, sorting out bits for Rory, grabbing a quick breakfast/ tea or getting through that never ending to do list. My little man is a cat napper so I try to cram these things into 30 mins before he wakes up.

The past few weeks, I’ve tried to take time every day to do something for me even if it is just half an hr. 

Showing up for yourself is doing things you want because they make you feel good. They help you refresh, chill and make you a happier person. It made me think what 5 things bring me joy that are achievable. 

5 things that bring me joy:

  • Painting or getting my nails done
  • Going out for lunch/ dinner with friends
  • Taking half an hr to do a work out by myself or going for a relaxing swim (even better if it’s a near empty pool!)
  • Having a bath with candles and nice smellies.
  • Having a massage – my ultimate chillax!

Even if it’s just for half an hr, after work, Tim will take Rory so I can have some me time. Some time to refresh and restart. I love my little guy but having that half an hr to chill is so refreshing. Being a mum is non-stop and all-encompassing and you need that time to breathe. Some evenings I’ll even take the time to make dinner by myself – pop that music on and loose myself in the process of cooking a yummy meal while my 2 boys play.

With my little boy refusing to take a bottle it means I can’t be far away for long so having a little me time makes all the difference 🙂

Until next time,
Cathers xx