Musings // Must haves for a cosy night in

With Christmas nearly here and Autumn just about over, the nights have well and truly drawn in and the weather has gotten so much colder. These evenings are meant for sweaters, slipper socks and a roaring fire! Over the past couple years I’ve really come to appreciate a relaxing evening at home especially when I can wrap up warm 😊 Some evenings there’s nothing better than jumping into pjs and wrapping yourself up in a blanket on the sofa and watching one of your favourite shows or a movie. 

Unfortunately we don’t have a fire in our house so I definitely make the most of lighting candles. When I’m working from home or want to chill in the evening, I light 1 or 2 and make sure they’re scented so it fills the room. There’s no doubt the smell of candles is so relaxing.
Some of my favourite candles are:
Sainsburys (similar here)
Waitrose/ John Lewis (similar Winter version here)
Ikea vanilla tea lights although they only last a few hours (see here)
It’s always nice to have a special candle to light when you want a luxurious treat. I absolutely love either Jo Loves (Log Fires or Sales Caramel are perfect for this time of the year) or The White Company. They do come with a price tag but do last for ages! Make sure you light them properly and keep them going for a few hours so you make the most of the wax and so it doesn’t start to funnel!
Slipper socks are a perfect addition for cosy nights in. My feet are always cold during the cooler months and the hubby loves to complain that I’m always making him cold with my toes. So I have a big collection of slipper socks. I rarely have to buy slipper socks as I always get these in my Christmas stocking. Primark slipper socks are the perfect solution and keep my tootsies toasty.
(see here for a bargain)
Keeping cosy isn’t complete without a blanket! My sofa always has a blanket on it ready for a cosy evening (or any time of the day as a matter of fact!). We got the blue one below as a wedding present and it is so soft! Similar one here.
When I’m wanting to feel extra relaxed I’ll have a bubble bath complete with tea light candles everywhere. I am in love with Sanctuary bubble bath – it smells so indulgent and special and without a doubt does the job of making me feel so chilled. (see here from boots)
I am a sucker for a mug of hot chocolate whatever time of the day. I could have it with breakfast, a drink during the day or as the perfect drink to end the day. I looooove chocolate!  Who’s with me?! I absolutely love Butlers. They are a decadent treat and perfect if you make with cream or milk. A good friend brought us some back from Ireland but you can buy them on Amazon or in Tescos. I also love a hot chocolate from Whittards. Again perfect made with milk. My favourite has to be either salted caramel or raspberry ripple. If you don’t have the time there’s nothing wrong with a Cadbury’s instant hot choc. Delish!
As soon as I’m back from work I’m someone who loves to get straight into pjs. I am a fan of M&S and Calvin Klein. Paired with a fluffy dressing gown you’re ready to relax!
One day we’ll have a house with a fire/ log burner and live in the country so when its raining I can cozy up on a sofa with a hot chocolate under a blanket and watch the rain. Until then I’ll be using my candles and doing the above!
What’s your favourite way to relax this time of the year? Its about to be the German Market time of the year – anyone else as excited as me for Mulled Cider?!
Until next time,
Cathers xx