When Change is the Right Thing…

Change is a foot at the moment and I’m not on about the seasons. I’ve been getting bored at work and ready for a new challenge but I’ve been in two minds on whether to stick it out or not. I’ve been back at work nearly 9 whole months and many people have told me I should stick it out and enjoy my time as a new mum and work the bare minimum. I’ve spoken about going back to work and the pressures as well as unsolicited comments from others for going back full time. It was definitely the right decision for me and believe it or not I do like working. But I need to be challenged and I’ve now done my job for 3 years and nothing will be changing anytime soon… my team is too small for progression and that has demoralised me. 

I’ve accepted a new role at my current company in a completely different area of Finance and one I said I would never join… it could be all that brain washing from external audit where you are led to believe you’ll never enjoy anything but audit and will get easily bored… well I’m bored in audit now and that needs to change! So I’m doing a secondment into a Finance Manager role for a year and hopefully I like it… I’m actually really excited and that’s something I haven’t felt about work in a little while.

I was concerned whether this was the right thing to do as my current situation works well for me. I generally do my hours… that being said I do, on occasion, work very early before Rory wakes up or after he goes to bed… go and get him by 5 and can take holidays whenever I want. 

Any type of change is scary and we are definitely creatures of habit. However, something one of my old bosses said, which I always remember, is that without a challenge and getting out of your comfort zone, you’re not going to progress/ improve. I mean, this was probably to their own end to get me to do something hard/ a sh*tshow and wrap it in sparkly paper, but nevertheless the sentiment is true.

Accepting that you need change and doing something about it is good, or at least that’s what I’m telling myself. 

This opportunity at work came at the right time and I know I’d kick myself if I didn’t go for it. I’m a believer of everything happens for a reason. Hopefully it’s the right decision to make but only time will tell. Worse case… it’s a 12 month secondment… if I don’t like it, I have my current job to fall back on, but if I love it the option is there to stay. Let’s see what happens!!

Change doesn’t has to be scary. Being new parents sometimes you don’t put yourself first or even entertain a new opportunity. But it can be just what we need to reset, restart and give us a new lease of life. It might not be the right time for you but if you’re given a chance to try something new, just give it a though… I might be just what you need.

Until next time,
Cathers xx