Days Out // Foxton Locks

Omg I don’t think I’ve eaten so many afternoon tea’s in a week! Being my week off in between jobs I’ve caught up with family and friends and been out for 3 afternoon teas and many meals out! I am so full but it was so worth it 😋

I’m also knackered! I feel like I’m in need of a week away to a hot country to soak up that vitamin d and vitamin sea (😝). Not long really until Malta which will be lovely! By then Autumn will have definitely kicked in over here and the days will be much shorter. I definitely struggle with the shorter days and darker mornings. I’m a summer person and would be happy living in a hot country by the sea… Maybe one day… until then I’m counting down to the warmer and longer days again!
So a month ago we went for a little trip to Foxton Locks – no clue where the last 4 weeks have gone…  It was a blustery morning and we drove across Market Harborough from Brum with a picnic in tow. We recently got the cutest picnic backpack from the in-laws and packed up a picnic to have when we got there. (See here for similar.)
Love the bee pattern on the inside <3
You all know I love a bit of history and Foxton Locks has it. It’s over 200 years old and shows how 19th century engineers solved the problem of getting boats up and down a hill. It’s quite nice to sit back and watch as the long boats make their way up and down the 10 locks. It takes a longboat 45 minutes to make its way up or down the flight.
So here it is…
Had a sit down to eat our picnic and watch the world go by…
Luckily we just missed the rain as we got in the car back home but it would be nice to go back and have a walk around the canals. Maybe another day…
Hope everyone has some nice plans this weekend. I’m off to the gym shortly and then off to Solihull food festival with Tim and some friends. A good way to end a lovely week off. I still can’t believe how quickly this week has flown by but I’m excited for my new job starting Monday 😊
Until next time,
Cathers xx