Happy Birthday, Rory!

My little Rory is 1… In a blink of an eye he’s gone from my little sleepy koala to a little monkey who is into everything.

I spent most of Rory’s birthday thinking back to what was happening the year before and it has made me realise I’m not fully over the trauma of his birth. (Most likely the reason I haven’t felt ready to type it all out yet.) Yet, I am so thankful he arrived into this world safely and for this past year.

The past year has been a rollercoaster but I’d ride it again and again. There were lows (I’m talking about you sleepless nights and worrying when he got his first cold/ bug/ teething) and so many highs (his first smile/ laugh/ sitting up – I could go on and on!).

Rory has the sweetest personality and is generally such a happy little boy. He loves waving, swimming, baths, sofa surfing, his blue cup, books, his trike and exploring everything. He loves his food particularly peas, corn on the cob, sweet potato and banana.  He’s not so keen on other fruit, unless it’s disguised or mushed up, being changed (he’d happily stay naked all day if he could) and having his food taken away before he’s finished (cue the no no no no!). 

He’s started properly chatting away and now says, hiya, mama, dada, daddy, dad and nonononono if you do something he doesn’t want (the little monkey!). He’s such a little character! His latest thing is moving his cups or animals from one place to another and then back again or putting shapes/ cups in cups. Seeing him figure things out for the first time is just the best and makes my heart melt. I wouldn’t change anything for the world.

Our little monkey still isn’t the best sleeper. I’ve said before but you can count on one hand the nights he has slept through in his life *face palm*. If he’s poorly, teething or going through a new developmental milestone it allllll effects his sleep. We just remind ourselves that this isn’t forever and just try to go to bed early ourselves so we’re not too tired in the morning. All is forgiven in the morning when he beams up at you and gives you a lovely hug and kiss <3

Happy birthday my little Rory! I love you to the moon and back!

Looking back on Rory here and here. Feels like yesterday but also like so long ago. A time before Rory is a distant memory <3 Being Rory’s mummy is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Until next time,
Cathers x