Friday Feelings: Summer with a Baby

Who else has been loving the warmer weather? Summer finally feels like its arrived! Yay! I was definitely getting fed up of all the rain, wearing coats and remembering the pram’s waterproof cover every time we went out!

Although with the heat we now have to try and navigate the world of having a baby in the summer heat. Gone are the days atm of sitting in the direct sun and instead hunting out a shady spot to make sure Rory doesn’t have any sun on him. Also making sure he’s dressed appropriately and not getting too hot or chilly! These days our go to is a short sleeve vest with leggings in the morning and then changing into short dungarees or shorts in the afternoon. I remember not being sure if boy’s clothes were as cute or exciting as baby girls but I was wrong! I love getting Rory dressed and he is just super cute in his summer outfits!

Our first couple nights with Rory in 20+ heat really stressed me out. I had the windows open in our room and the fan on and it was still 25c! The first night I couldn’t sleep for the first couple hours making sure Rory was ok. I was constantly checking his temperature on his chest and the back of his neck. I’m such a worrier but he was all ok! I need to get a couple more sleeping bags as atm we only have a 1.5 tog and 2.5 tog. I’ve seen some cute and affordable sleeping bags at Next which I’ve my eye on (see here). I’m thinking of getting another 1 tog and 2.5 tog so we have 2 of each. Currently our sleeping bags were pressies from family and friends. We have something similar to this one from mamas and papas.

What do you put your baby in for summer nights?

For 2 nights in a row and lunch today I’ve actually been able to eat dinner with 2 hands! We brought this swing after being recommended it by an NCT friend and its been a game changer! Even if its for 10 mins, every little helps.

Eating lunch handsfree!

Yesterday we also finally got our first COVID jab. It’s nice to finally feel a bit more protected. We were given the Pfizer jab which we were happy about. The rest of our families have had the jab so it’s great to have finally been contacted by the GP to have it done. We were never in any doubt to have the jab as a close family friend’s dad passed away after having it and Tim’s mum caught it while in hospital.

Every other week I’ve been going down to stay with my mum in Bray which means an hr and half drive. The first time I did this I was quite nervous as it was the longest drive I’d done with Rory but we managed it! Just 1 stop for a change and feed. Now we’re nearly 12 weeks down I’m feeling so much more confident going out and about with Rory and we’re loving our stay overs with Glammy <3 It’s nice for mum to have baby cuddles and means I get a little break. My nanny has also driven up from London and has loved seeing Rory. In the next couple months we have a couple more longer drives planned but Tim will be there too. I’m looking forward to taking Rory new places and feel we’re getting more chilled/ relaxed.

Cute little houses on our walk in Bray

Yesterday I got some sweet treats from the new cafe in Bray and finally got around to trying a pasteis de nata – Portuguese custard tart – and omg it was delish! If you haven’t tried one yet get on it! It was so tasty – smooth and creamy and oh so moorish. I forgot to take a pic but here’s a pic of the Colin the Caterpillar cake pot we finally tried! It was good to try but a bit rich. It would have been nicer if there was a little more cake and one of the ganaches was maybe a moose. yum!

Time is flying by so quickly and I can’t believe I’m 12 weeks into my maternity leave… here’s to 6 more months before work starts again – I’m sure it’ll fly by!

Until next time,

Cathers xx