Our Wedding // Pre-Wedding Shoot Recap – One Month Until ‘I Do’

This past week I’ve loved looking back over our wedding photos which then made me want to look back over the photos in the month leading up to our wedding. All I remember is that it all went by in a flash! Work was busy and we had a lot of last minute stuff to sort out for the wedding. With our wedding photographer, Ian Bursill, we got a pre-wedding shoot as a way to kinda get used to the camera being around.

It was a fun afternoon and we did the session at our Wedding Church location, Exton Park. It’s such a lovely place! Safe to say neither of us are particularly good at posing for photos but the photos came out really well. We even used one of them as a guest book for the wedding which the guests all signed and it now hangs in our bedroom 😍

We went for smart casual in what we wore – I wore a H&M lacey dress and Tim wore chinos and a shirt. I didn’t necessarily want to wear white and thought this nudey/ purpley dress was perfect. I remember we had a nice chilled morning and I had my pre-wedding make up trial which worked out well with this session. The weather was lovely and we spent the early afternoon chilling in Tim’s parent’s garden before making our way over Exton Park for 4pm.

Exton Park is gorgeous and we really wanted some photos to look back over from this venue. We felt that if we did photos here on the day then it would just be too long waiting around for our guests. So this session was perfect and we got a chance to have a wander around the grounds. There’s some lovely ruins on the land which are crumbling down and we managed to get a few pics in here.

It’s so nice to look back over these photos and remember such a special run up to the big day.

So here are some of our favourite pics from the day…
A quick word on our photographer, Ian Bursill – he was fantastic! This session is a little different to our wedding photos as it was important to us to have a documentary feel to the day which is his usual style. Either way, this session made us feel a little bit more at ease with Ian taking our photos and meant it didn’t feel to strange on the day. If you’re looking for a wedding photographer definitely check him out! (See here) He really captured our day in the most beautiful way.
If you want to see more photos, see here for a recap of our wedding day!
Until next time,
Cathers xx