Food // Purnell’s Restaurant

Morning! Hope you’re all doing well this sunny day. I’m loving this warmer weather – makes being isolated at home that little bit easier. I love being able to work in the garden in the sun – getting that dose of vitamin D and fresh air. Definitely a perk of wfh when the weather is like this! We got the umbrella up in the garden today so it’s all ready for the rest of the week 🙂

Into week 6 of wfh and week 5 of official lockdown – tbh I’ve found it’s gotten much better/ easier as the time has gone on. At the beginning of lockdown I was a bit of a mess with all the uncertainty and found it really hard to concentrate on anything – not good for work productivity! The past couple weeks I feel like we’ve gotten into a routine and I’ve been flying through the work days.

How have you been finding isolation? What’s been getting you through the past 5 weeks?

Now to get to the point of this post! Back in January we went Purnell’s Restaurant with a couple friends. It’s definitely one of their favourite restaurants and we always have a good meal when we go. We got a good deal for dinner which was £50 for 4 courses – good value for a Michelin star meal! As soon as lockdown is over we’re planning on going back to Purnell’s with our friends to catch up and enjoy a mega yummy meal!

We started with ‘gifts from the kitchen’ which was these things that looked like charcoal bits (actually dehydrated meringue in squid ink) and little potato chips with chorizo mayo. The meringue was kinda weird but the potato pieces were yum!

Next up was ruby glazed beetroot. I ate it all but out of all the courses it was much least favourite. The beetroot sorbet was just a little weird.

The fish dish was cod with a parsley sauce. When the green parsley sauce was being poured over it looked amazing and wow it smelled divine! The taste didn’t disappoint either.

Next up was pork belly – mmmm!

Finally we finished up with a mint choccy chip dessert– it came out with dry ice that smelt of mint so was a cool finish to the meal.  

If you’re a fan of tasty food and are looking for a treat you should definitely check out Purnell’s Restaurant. If you are looking for a more wallet friendly version you should check out Purnell’s Bistro – they do a good deal of £50 for 2 people for 3 courses and a glass of prosecco. We usually go at Christmas with the same friends we went to Purnell’s Restaurant with and always make sure to get a yummy Christmas cocktail from Ginger’s Bar! The offer is usually on on and off throughout the year and we’ve got it for the past 2 years.

Until next time,

Cathers xx