Friday Feelings and Our New Normal

Here we are nearly 9 weeks since I became a mum to Rory – my little blue eyed boy. I can’t believe we’ve survived 9 weeks… it blows my mind. I was looking back through pics from the past 2 months and can’t believe how small he was. We must be doing something right as he weighed 12.26lb at his 8 week check-up earlier this week!

Having a baby and caring for him 24:7 is the biggest adventure unlike any other I’ve done before. I’m someone who feels like they always need to be doing something and keeping busy so having a baby has made me slow down. I’ve had to take it easy and be kind to myself. Rory hates lying down atm and always wants to be held which is quite restricting, but I have to remind myself that this won’t last forever. Who can blame him for loving his cuddles! I’m sure in a few months and years I’ll want these days back. So here I am, on the sofa in my pjs with a baby sleeping on my chest. I think I have half an hr tops before he wakes up for a change and feed… Rory is a baby on a 2 hr schedule which can be quite intense especially when you have to burp him and keep him upright for about 20 mins following a feed (reflux baby!) and then have to hold him while you do things – thank the Lord for baby carriers!

Not only do we have a new baby but we finally moved into our new house a week before he arrived so it’s been whirl wind past few months. Last weekend we went to B&Q and picked up some paint tester pots. We got some Valspar tester colours and a Farrow and Bull colour match on Blackened White. We’re going to try them out this weekend and start doing a few house bits and bobs. We’ve got lots planned for the house and I can’t wait to get started. I’ll have to share a before tour of the house and chat you through our plans.

Anyway! Time for me to get this baby fed and enjoy some more cuddles <3 

Until next time,
Cathers xx