Autumn leaves and Pumpkins please: October 2022

It’s been a long time since I did an update. These days, I usually update Instagram stories with what I’ve been up to but I do miss a good monthly blog update. I used to do them all the time and I love looking back on them and others as well. It seems like these days, bloggers don’t really update their blogs anymore and instead focus on Instagram. I do get it as that’s where everyone goes, but there is something about going through a blog post rather than stories… Maybe that’s just me… Anyway! I thought I’d do an October recap. It’s been a busy month for sure full of pumpkins, weddings and exploring.

We started the month with a visit to Gates Garden Centre in Rutland. It’s one of my favourite garden centres to visit for plants etc but best of all it has the most amazing Christmas section. Rory couldn’t believe what he was seeing and loved all the trees, sparkly decorations and lights. We came away with a silver star tree topper, a couple sparkly blue baubles and a little squirrel. Last year I got a few felt decorations that would be Rory friendly and this year I’d love him to have his own mini Christmas tree and felt decorations would be perfect. I’m eyeing up this little mouse and santa.


This month Rory has properly started running about and has been loving life. Before the clocks went back, we’d try to get out for walks after work/ nursery to burn off some energy before bedtime. This is proving quite tricky now/ impossible as its getting dark so early. 

We’ve been out for some lovely weekend walks and found some little family farms to visit with the little one. He looooves animals so we try to find places to visit at the weekend with animals as it keeps him entertained for ages.

It wouldn’t be October without pumpkin picking and this year we visited Woods Barn in Solihull. Unlike other pumpkin places, it was free and you don’t need to book in a slot. It was lovely to watch Rory running between the pumpkins shouting ‘Wooooow!’ and sitting on them all – so cute! We went twice and got some lovely pictures I’m definitely getting framed.

Sitting on all the pumpkins <3
One of my fav pics of us both…

During the month, we had a child-free weekend and Rory visited my mum for a weekend. We took advantage and went out for sushi and cocktails at Kibou in Solihull and came back home to watch a movie. The sushi was delish – we went all out and had a sushi platter (the Jo Moriawase) as well as a few other plates. I’d recommend giving this platter a go if you want a selection. Yum!

The next day, we had a wedding up in Burton. It was such a nice chance to catch up with friends, celebrate a wedding and get all dressed up for what felt like the first time in ages! I got my nails and hair done and dug out a dress I wore to a wedding Feb 2020 from John Lewis by Adrianna Papell.

And then I got hit with COVID… typical! I haven’t tested positive at any point in the past couple years but there’s a first time for everything. I think I’ve had it before but it hit me hard. I took my first ever sick day and cosied up on the sofa under a blanket and watched Desperate Housewives for the first time… how have I never watched it before?!

We’re just back from Blackpool so that’s on my list to blog about when I get a chance!

Have you done anything fun this autumn so far? Are you counting down to Christmas? Only 7 weeks to go now!!!

Until next time,
Cathers xx


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